A Hogwarts Role Play

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Welcome back to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where secrets lie behind every student. Do you have a secret? What would you do if your secret was revealed to everyone? What would you do to stop it from being revealed? Enter the Founders Tournament? Break up a couple? Kill someone even? In this role play, the students at Hogwarts are being threatened. Can they solve the mystery of who is behind this mysterious A person? Plus a new Dark threat has arrived at Hogwarts. With new threats and new Dark Lord, what will happen at Hogwarts? Join and find out.

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|Gryffindor| James Potter | Pure Blood | FC Aaron Johnson | OPEN | Year 7 |

  • James Potter, has always been the bad ass of the family. He craves attention and often does a prank every day. This is to show everyone that they should not mess with him or his family members, or else they get it from him. Being older then his siblings, James has often protected them.
  • He doesn’t care much for school, or school activities, but once the Founders Tournament will begin, you will see James finding a great interest in this Tournament, he will start to wonder if he could be the Tournament Champion.
  • James is a Quidditch maniac. If there is anyone around, he will be one of the first to talk about Quidditch and how great it was and of course how great he is. James is very cocky and arrogant and he does speak his mind fluently.
  • Most people find James to be a bit of an ass hole, but he doesn’t mind that at all.
  • James smokes, and parties all days of the week, except for Sundays where he relaxes and some times does drugs that day. But that is only a rare occasion where he is too lazy to function properly.
  • Right now James has no love interest, but he would never admit how much he really wants someone in his life.

Secret: He appears to be the badass of Gryffindor and is a constant flirt, but inside he really just wants to find his true love like what his parents have.

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